A day in the life of.. MoII!! heheheeh jkz

Hi everyone, today was a really oighja;os day. Basically, I went on the tube, SWEATING as it was some scorcher and i refused to wear no tights, so had nice think black ones on. I hate having other people around me on the tube, especially kids, as I get really paranoid and go red-faced (not sure why).

Right, so these two, I'm guessing year 7 boys from some school get on and I'm not in the mood. I'm fucking scorching, the ripe smell of curry and b.o is overwhelming and people with greasy hair and scary faces are all around me, with the exception of some people managing to look good still. So I'm standing next to them, and I move my foot but it nearly touches his so I pull away immediately and they have a good chuckle. And start saying "the girl over there" 'hehehe'. I obvs went red and was like dff. Then one of the kiddies gets off and i'm celebrating because I now know they can't mention me as they ain't togefa! I all of a sudden started hearing opera singing and was like oh christ, so I look to my left and see the little guy like singing and mumbling to himself. I kind of admired him, compared to me, anxious over the sight of two fucking 12 year olds.

Wow I'm so bored, facebook is a boring place. People take it too seriously like their whole lives are being judged on what they do on the weekends and how cool their pikkiz are, or how many people are tagged in their status. And these groups like 'i like fish.........JK I'M FUKIN UNHEALFII AND EAT CHOKKI IN ME SPARETIME!!!!' it's ok for a while, but when they join about 200 of them, and post it on eachothers wall like yeah baby that sums us up <3 <3! it's a bit annoying, as i see it when i stalk or on news feed. Can't people just write whatever? Maybe not.

And the dubstep craze. It's so shit i can't get my head around it. Appart from Harvi delal 'dubstep' who Nina mentioned, posted some shitty 'dstep' on my wall.. GR8. All of dubstep sounds the same to me, and i don't think should be considered music. In the words of Harvi it makes you feel like a 'hardcore rava'. Hmmm.. sure? And the indie cindies who post it on eachothers walls like 'hey, check out 1:23 when the beat drops so hard it's like rain drops beating against my window. Then as you reach the 4:32 the mood changes. Anyways mate listen and let me know if you like it.' SHUT UP. Go to let's go crazy or whatever and listen to some.

Annz x

....(a) dot nn (ah) LOLZ x


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