I went to the Barbican last night to see the Michael Clark dance show. It was so good.. It was weird though, and some things made me uncomfortable watching, just because it was so intense directly watching it.

The theatre was pitch black, and in one dance the woman was in a full body tight suit (covering her face) with needles all in the suit, dancing to the song Heroine by The Velvet Underground. It was kind of blatent what it was about, so was kind of over the top with the needle element to it. The people hanging around at the interval watching the play were SO amazing aswell i was literally drooling- i think i saw Pete Doherty.

Anyways, so there was another seen with this person in a shiny all body suit dancing and then this swim came on stage and this naked woman with her back to the audience just sat on the swing, and the swing just carried her to the other side of the stage. It was really cool and i've never seen that kind of thing before. Then there were loads of David Bowie songs played in the dances which i was tapping my head to LOLZ.

There were also random videos saying 'Anal' and naked people on it. Slightly creepy.

So yeah, you should go see it.


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