24 June 2010

A day in the life of.. MoII!! heheheeh jkz

Hi everyone, today was a really oighja;os day. Basically, I went on the tube, SWEATING as it was some scorcher and i refused to wear no tights, so had nice think black ones on. I hate having other people around me on the tube, especially kids, as I get really paranoid and go red-faced (not sure why).

Right, so these two, I'm guessing year 7 boys from some school get on and I'm not in the mood. I'm fucking scorching, the ripe smell of curry and b.o is overwhelming and people with greasy hair and scary faces are all around me, with the exception of some people managing to look good still. So I'm standing next to them, and I move my foot but it nearly touches his so I pull away immediately and they have a good chuckle. And start saying "the girl over there" 'hehehe'. I obvs went red and was like dff. Then one of the kiddies gets off and i'm celebrating because I now know they can't mention me as they ain't togefa! I all of a sudden started hearing opera singing and was like oh christ, so I look to my left and see the little guy like singing and mumbling to himself. I kind of admired him, compared to me, anxious over the sight of two fucking 12 year olds.

Wow I'm so bored, facebook is a boring place. People take it too seriously like their whole lives are being judged on what they do on the weekends and how cool their pikkiz are, or how many people are tagged in their status. And these groups like 'i like fish.........JK I'M FUKIN UNHEALFII AND EAT CHOKKI IN ME SPARETIME!!!!' it's ok for a while, but when they join about 200 of them, and post it on eachothers wall like yeah baby that sums us up <3 <3! it's a bit annoying, as i see it when i stalk or on news feed. Can't people just write whatever? Maybe not.

And the dubstep craze. It's so shit i can't get my head around it. Appart from Harvi delal 'dubstep' who Nina mentioned, posted some shitty 'dstep' on my wall.. GR8. All of dubstep sounds the same to me, and i don't think should be considered music. In the words of Harvi it makes you feel like a 'hardcore rava'. Hmmm.. sure? And the indie cindies who post it on eachothers walls like 'hey, check out 1:23 when the beat drops so hard it's like rain drops beating against my window. Then as you reach the 4:32 the mood changes. Anyways mate listen and let me know if you like it.' SHUT UP. Go to let's go crazy or whatever and listen to some.

Annz x

....(a) dot nn (ah) LOLZ x

Harvi Dubstep Dehal

Right, so on Facebook there are three types of people.
one) you have the people you actually want to talk to
two) you have the people you don't know
three) you have the people who are so piss annoying, you think that they live JUST to get on your nerves.

Harvi Dehal Dubstep, would be option two and three.
Yes, this is someone I don't know who annoys the shit out of me.

So let me hit you with a standard convo between me and Dubby.

HARVI: wah bloww?
ME: what in gods name?
HARVI: You okaaaaiiii??
ME: yeah i'm great.
HARVI: Ask me how ii am deen! come onnn!!! looooeeeel
Don't make me par witchu yee? Coz I will.
ME: What the fuck are you on about?
HARVI: I'm a darby lad ye? don't even get it twisted i'll murk you. wiv my fwendz.
Look me up on TooHardTV my rhymes are all over da world
ME: Can you stop talking now please..
HARVI: LOOOOeeeel your bare funny ye!
ME: I'm not joking..
HARVI: AAAAH mate dont par wit me yeyeye, lets chat. what type of music do you like?
ME: Go away.
HARVI: Do you like dubstep? I do i do i do.
ME: No shit, you put it in your name coolio.
HARVI: LOEL! See you are talking to me!! looel hows skl hows skl? how's sonia? how's anna?
HARVI: I know your jokang! lets be m8z!
HARVI: Nina? niiiiina??? come awwwwn your my gal! why'd you dislike me?
ME: Your so annoying.
HARVI: NO WAY! I'll get my friend to call you yeah and say I'm not annoying!
ME: Meh.
HARVI: Me? Me????? i fought you dont liiike me :(

Yes kids, that is a standard convo with Harvi Dehal. I think he spends every waking moment purposely trying to make me pull hair out.

I think he may have a personal goal to see how long it will take him to make me throw a shoe at the computer screen.
How many angry messages do I have to send for him to realise this is not some strange game I do to pass the time, I actually just don't like talking to you.

Thank you and goodnight x

14 June 2010


you know what i can't stand? the fact that 70 percent of the people i knwo are selfish or rude. maybe not fully, but i've noticed that hardly anyone recipricates. like how are you, i'm good.. no how are you? or let me talk about my uninteresting self and when you bring up something let me just laugh or go haha cool. shut up. jease is that hard to LOOk like you fucking find something interesting. And people never have anything interesting to talk about. Or if they do it's stuff that's just boys or whatever. Not saying i'm so interesting and chatty but i just cba to talk to people who i know don't give two shits.

here's a test. go tell someone say you when to a play this weekend with your fam, and give them a PRIZE if they ask what it was about.

anna x

13 June 2010

Okay, So we're writing a book

Right, so me and my cousin Larissa have decided to write a teenagers book.

Trying desperately to think of a good plotline, so far we intend on having either a stalker, a kidnapping..not quite sure.

BUT it will have a boom cliffhanger ending, so that it will force people to buy the sequel and then the film will be even more successful.

Yes, we have every intention of this book becoming a film. All British actors, you heard it here first.

If anyone has seen Labyrinth the film with David Bowie, that is our inspiration.

The power of the babe should not be underestimated.

Spiderwick chronicles will also have its effect on our novel.

Our film will also have a genius soundtrack that I intend on writing, reflecting the Harry Potter theme tune.

So yeah, basically we need a genius idea that will bless the pages of our novel, something juicy that will keep everyone reading. A real page turner.

Maybe throw in a paedophile or two? Bit 'ah death?

Please comment ith any clever ideas that you feel like sharing, we shall credit you on the blurb.

Much love, Neenz and Larissa x

11 June 2010


I went to the Barbican last night to see the Michael Clark dance show. It was so good.. It was weird though, and some things made me uncomfortable watching, just because it was so intense directly watching it.

The theatre was pitch black, and in one dance the woman was in a full body tight suit (covering her face) with needles all in the suit, dancing to the song Heroine by The Velvet Underground. It was kind of blatent what it was about, so was kind of over the top with the needle element to it. The people hanging around at the interval watching the play were SO amazing aswell i was literally drooling- i think i saw Pete Doherty.

Anyways, so there was another seen with this person in a shiny all body suit dancing and then this swim came on stage and this naked woman with her back to the audience just sat on the swing, and the swing just carried her to the other side of the stage. It was really cool and i've never seen that kind of thing before. Then there were loads of David Bowie songs played in the dances which i was tapping my head to LOLZ.

There were also random videos saying 'Anal' and naked people on it. Slightly creepy.

So yeah, you should go see it.

6 June 2010

Trendy wendys

OK. So, why do people follow fashion trends?
Like, who the fuck is making all the weird rules. 'Tarten is so in', 'Black is the new red'. Shut up. It's like a cult if you think about it. People are dictating to people what to wear, and thousands of magazines are published everywhere.

Who even says these people are 'stylish'? The majurity of them are the opposite. Do people want to look the same- so if camoflauge was in one season, all the 'fashionistas' would rock out wearing it. It's creepy, like fashion following robots.

And those who are so devout to this regime of changing clothes every fucking month, how do you afford it? You have to chuck the clothes you secretly love in your closet because a page in a book tells you to.

I'm not saying people should wear neon pink trousers and feathers in their hair to be different, but just wear what YOU want. You don't look fashionable wearing something that thousands of bored, sad, woman want you to wear because they have nothing better to do.

Anna bo nana x

Right so..

So basically I haven't written on here in about a year and a half, mainly because I have made a frightening discovery.

I'm a boring, boring person.
The only person I make laugh is myself and maybe if I'm lucky, my pooch.
I actually need to write like notes down on cu cards before I go out to make sure I have topic sentences to talk about, and keep me
from babbling.

Yes I know I sound like a freak, but that's life.
I'd rather be a freak than an indie tryhard.

Ty guyz ty.

4 June 2010


Wow I must look cool doing this blog. It's supposed to be mine AND Nina's. But lately Nina is too popular for it. Pretty much 100 percent of the entrys are mine.

Do you ever get it, when you're like walking down the street, and you subconciously start talking to yourself or whatever? Literally I always do it, like i'll randomnly say (to myself) 'uh i feel so disgusting' or say a bad joke to myself and go 'hahaha i'm so cringe'. Then some indian guy will look at me like i'm out of kontrol, and then i realise i've been talking to my self. Even when i'm watching t.v, i'll say, daymnn he's buff aloud, or turn to my left side and say 'omg guys this is joke' as if i'm with people. Then i start laughing like who am i? Maybe i'm the only one who does this?

Does anyone even read this bloody blog? Probs not. So basics i'm talking to myself on HERE aswell. What is a blog? What are you actually supposed to write..

'California girls
We're unforgettable
Daisy Dukes
Bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin
So hot
Will melt your popsicle
Oooooh Oh Oooooh'

Yeah, these are the lyrics i have in my head. Katy Perry 'California Gurls'. How embarassing. The lyrics, as you can see, are really creative and meaningful. What are daisy dukes? Will melt your popsicle? Which playas walk around with a solero like heya babz. Who knows. Look it up on youtube, it grows on you.