Try hards

Oh my god. If I see one more fucking denim jacket, lace tights, and those annoying brown lace-up boots, thrown together I will actually kill myself. Why do people want to look the same? Do they think they look indie or summink?

Instead of brown lace-ups they go buy the fake doc martens from office, or River Island and pretend they are some vintage specialties. This way of dressing was the same as the craze with the ugg and wet leggings shit. OH and I hate how they all have those black bags with the straps made out of gold chain, haha. They take pikkiz of them smoking INDOORS (BADASS) and 'chundering' from their late night of alcopopz.


annah x


  1. different has now become main stream it is so ahh annoying have you seen christina aguleria new video clip she just wants to be lady gaga!
    this is laura by the way totally stalking you and your friends blog haha! :)

  2. sorry i just got your comment! i know i know it's like go home xx


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