Ok, so on facebook you have the different 'crews'.

You have the sloaney rich girls who go to clubs 'till 3, and write on eachothers wall 'ilyyy babeeeeeyyy jalouse last night was so funn. my madre got bare angry with me cos i came in the house latee, anyways come my house and come eat cereal with me yeyeeyey? Bbm me babeeexxxoxxoxox'. Oh god. This is so annoying. Yes, we know you have a lot of friends and a blackberry, but shut the fuck up. They walk around the streets with their fag n' starbucks combo, with their blackberry (which admittedly I've grown to liking) and act like they own the street. They change their status every two minutes to 'ibizzzaa 2k10 <3>

Then you have the shits who can't speak properly. 'Hi bbz i iz fyn 2dai. I dnt fink i cn cum out cos i hve hwk but afta tht cum my house n we cn eat sum f00d.' HAHAHAHA, I just feel sorry for these people. Fair enough slang is easy, but not stuff like 'fyn', where you might aswell spell out fine. It's fun to take the piss out of that. I like to.

Then you have the coolios who love to put emotion into shit. 'Heya i am so meh :/, like your just so sexy ;) ;) ;) ;). God i'm funny :P :P :P :P. Now i'm just confused :S :S :S :S.' Oh man please will you just shut yo mouf.

I feel so cringe but lately I can't be bothered and start saying things on chat to friends like hey how r u? Don't know why but I feel like i'm in year 7. It's just such a treck speaking properly- ah well.
Annz x


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