"PENG" galz on fb

Okay, so your on your facebook homepage and something catches your eye.

"This photo has 45 likes and 376 comments"

So you think hey, let's go see what the fuss is about. Then your greeted by a picture of a leg, a bit of long blond hair and a black blur you can only assume are eyes. If there were no tags you wouldn't even be sure if this is a girl or not, so you start reading the comments.
"Oh my god babess! Your beautiful"
"Go and get ugly!!"
"Stunning love"

HOW? How is she stunning when she's blurred out her own face? How is she beautiful when the photo's so edited you can't see her nose?

People, please. Those of us who remain to take ordinary unedited photos recieve a single like, if we're lucky from a man we've never met called Mohammed Al Hussain just because we didn't want to go as far as to photoshop our dp.

FML, Neeenz x


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