The joys of being unphotogenic

When you're unphotogenic, life seems to be one endless barell of fun.
So first, you try and take pictures of yourself right? Seems like a simple task, but no. So you sit down and try and take a picture of you smiling, it goes horribly wrong so you blame it on the light.
Then you go stand infront of the mirror, readjust your makeup and try and take a few more, and to your horror you still look sickening. So you think ahh whatever, might aswell go out anyway.
So you leave your house to meet your friends, and one of them, god bless 'em's brought along their brand new Nikon. So you purposely spend every waking moment of your day out covering your face with your hands, your magazine, or even your indie friend's ginger hair.
But no, even though you've taken all these extra measures to protect yourself and all those who will have to look at these butters pictures, somehow you get home to find a notification on your facebook.
You have been tagged.
In my case this is usually followed by an untagging of a picture where I have a double chin.

Oh oh how I love those people I like to call Facebook Paparazzi.
Neeenz x


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