Hey. We decided to make a blog. Cause we got shit to say.
1. We're best friends. Some may say 'joined at the hip', we'll get into that later.
2. Most people don't get our humour
3. Most common words we use are, 'get out', 'nahnahnah', 'ewwww','fml', 'YIKES', 'pooch'
4. You can normally find us in High St.Ken, Covent Garden stalking workers in Rokit, And Acton
5. We get obssessed with people we haven't met- life's a bitch like that.
6. We hate fake people, be yourself, or go home.
7. People we don't like seem to not leave us alone, more in Nina's case.
8. Yeah that's about it...


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  2. i basically just read all of your blog. IT IS AMAZING. literally the funniest thing on the internet. please keep posting stuff. cheers, (on behalf of) The World xxx

  3. p.s. i think we might be soulmates or whatevz

  4. Hey Malcolm, thank you so much. Hahaha maybe we are soulmates, do you have facebook? x


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