FML and shit.

Like just fml. Life is so fucking boring! We do the same thing pretty much every weekend, it gets so boring. And I hardly ever go out anymore, lately I prefer going home to watch bloody Mulan or Spirited Away. I kind of have a passion for chinese films, they are so complex, and no matter how down I am, I feel so good after watching them.
Summer is approaching and I still have failed to stick to healthy eating, what a joke. Summer is not a good season. All that happens is you see buff girls walking around with flawless, un- oily skin, rocking around in hot pants, revealing their tanned amazing body. Then me, with my foundation dripping down my face, and legs still in tights because I don't want to show them..
I'm going to Latitude which should be alright. I'm only going for a day so far, the line up is like the xx, who I am super excited to see, and The Maccabees. Kinda dissapointed I'm missing Vampire Weekend on Sunday, but they seem really cocky so they puts me off.


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