Wow was a surprising juicy 'epp' tonight. Pretty heavy shit though. That annoying popstar guy is so butters and weird he can fuck off. I hate Dixon so much I just want to slap him with a fish, he kind of looks like a ginormous hunk of beef! That english teacher is so fuked up, he decides to crash the school bus into a sign post (bad ass), his beard is so irritating, i just want to shave it off. Can't stand the surfer chick, with her un-funny jokes like 'har har i'm one of the guys', shut up you dyke. Silver and Naomi looked annoying good, and Jasper was so joke with the burning boat, what lolz. I love how he burns the boat then stands there innocently with his crutches, as if he has done nothing. Oh my god the rape was fucking scary, I had heard it was going to happen, but he was properly feist-T. Like woah there, he is pretty fit though, he looks a bit like an almond..

Also you know what is getting SO boring? Glee. The first couple of weeks it was different and uplifting, but now it is the same boring storyline, with Rachel and her terrible singing, which makes you want to throw a brick at the t.v. Finn got way less fit (dang) and the 'buff' two cheerleaders look messed up- one looks like a dinosaur, the other like a mexican bean that has been mushed up. I actually love Arty or Arny or whatever, the one in the wheelchair. I was so hyped when he was all excited about walking again, and then that ginger fish has to go crush his dream. GET OUT. Mr. Shuster is a joke, he so thinks he is Justin Timberlake. Don't get what the fuss about Puck is? He ain't that great. And the weird mohawk that has now been shaved off- please?

Anna x


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