25 May 2010


Wow was a surprising juicy 'epp' tonight. Pretty heavy shit though. That annoying popstar guy is so butters and weird he can fuck off. I hate Dixon so much I just want to slap him with a fish, he kind of looks like a ginormous hunk of beef! That english teacher is so fuked up, he decides to crash the school bus into a sign post (bad ass), his beard is so irritating, i just want to shave it off. Can't stand the surfer chick, with her un-funny jokes like 'har har i'm one of the guys', shut up you dyke. Silver and Naomi looked annoying good, and Jasper was so joke with the burning boat, what lolz. I love how he burns the boat then stands there innocently with his crutches, as if he has done nothing. Oh my god the rape was fucking scary, I had heard it was going to happen, but he was properly feist-T. Like woah there, he is pretty fit though, he looks a bit like an almond..

Also you know what is getting SO boring? Glee. The first couple of weeks it was different and uplifting, but now it is the same boring storyline, with Rachel and her terrible singing, which makes you want to throw a brick at the t.v. Finn got way less fit (dang) and the 'buff' two cheerleaders look messed up- one looks like a dinosaur, the other like a mexican bean that has been mushed up. I actually love Arty or Arny or whatever, the one in the wheelchair. I was so hyped when he was all excited about walking again, and then that ginger fish has to go crush his dream. GET OUT. Mr. Shuster is a joke, he so thinks he is Justin Timberlake. Don't get what the fuss about Puck is? He ain't that great. And the weird mohawk that has now been shaved off- please?

Anna x

18 May 2010


I don't care if you "roll bare zoots" while you cry bout your drug addiction.
I don't give a shit if you have to go to a mental assilum because E's made you so fucked up.
I don't care if you've forgotten the real colour of your carpet because it's covered in chunder after all your wild nights.

You ain't Cook.
You ain't Effy.
Stop trying to look Skins you pathetic people.

wow i want some pizza right now

16 May 2010

White boiiiz

Why do white people even try and look hard?
Don't walk around with your g-star raws and your pierced ear saying "skeen" and "jam" when you probably go to a private school in putney.

You people disgust me.

"PENG" galz on fb

Okay, so your on your facebook homepage and something catches your eye.

"This photo has 45 likes and 376 comments"

So you think hey, let's go see what the fuss is about. Then your greeted by a picture of a leg, a bit of long blond hair and a black blur you can only assume are eyes. If there were no tags you wouldn't even be sure if this is a girl or not, so you start reading the comments.
"Oh my god babess! Your beautiful"
"Go and get ugly!!"
"Stunning love"

HOW? How is she stunning when she's blurred out her own face? How is she beautiful when the photo's so edited you can't see her nose?

People, please. Those of us who remain to take ordinary unedited photos recieve a single like, if we're lucky from a man we've never met called Mohammed Al Hussain just because we didn't want to go as far as to photoshop our dp.

FML, Neeenz x

Try hards

Oh my god. If I see one more fucking denim jacket, lace tights, and those annoying brown lace-up boots, thrown together I will actually kill myself. Why do people want to look the same? Do they think they look indie or summink?

Instead of brown lace-ups they go buy the fake doc martens from office, or River Island and pretend they are some vintage specialties. This way of dressing was the same as the craze with the ugg and wet leggings shit. OH and I hate how they all have those black bags with the straps made out of gold chain, haha. They take pikkiz of them smoking INDOORS (BADASS) and 'chundering' from their late night of alcopopz.


annah x


Yeah so I took some photos, and got this girl to model. I set it on Primrose Hill. The theme was day dream..

FML and shit.

Like just fml. Life is so fucking boring! We do the same thing pretty much every weekend, it gets so boring. And I hardly ever go out anymore, lately I prefer going home to watch bloody Mulan or Spirited Away. I kind of have a passion for chinese films, they are so complex, and no matter how down I am, I feel so good after watching them.
Summer is approaching and I still have failed to stick to healthy eating, what a joke. Summer is not a good season. All that happens is you see buff girls walking around with flawless, un- oily skin, rocking around in hot pants, revealing their tanned amazing body. Then me, with my foundation dripping down my face, and legs still in tights because I don't want to show them..
I'm going to Latitude which should be alright. I'm only going for a day so far, the line up is like the xx, who I am super excited to see, and The Maccabees. Kinda dissapointed I'm missing Vampire Weekend on Sunday, but they seem really cocky so they puts me off.

15 May 2010

Is that a joke?

I want to gag, our two worst fears have joined together in the facebook group:
"Let's see if methadrone can get more likes than gordon brown"

Ew, please people, please.

No to Drugs

I just don't understand why people take drugs. Like, you're putting your whole life at risk, as you could have a reaction to a drug, no matter how many times you take it. If you're fucked up and want to die, go ahead.. but kids as young as 14 taking Methodrone, is fucking out of order. I miss the times people used to drink red bull and get drunk. But now it's trying the latest drugs and thinking your bad ass when actually your just trying to look cool.

The super cool kidz join groups on facebook like 'hugs not drugs', then write on the wall like heheheheehh r u kidding drugs are great' as if they are rebelling against the system. GET OUT. You're not messed up, you're not cool, you're just falling into peer pressure and going to mess up your life.

Nina and I are completely anti drugs. Peace out.

Random Adds

Random adds, I miss the days when they were acceptable.
When it was just cool to add someone you were planning on stalking, you could just hit them with "Mutual Friends" or "Friend Suggestions" but no, then these facebook groups start popping up called
"I added you because we have mutual friends LOL jk, I just wanna bang"

Who let out the secret?
Now those of us who used to love being able to brush off a random add and continue stalking those guys we think are peng but will never meet can no longer be happy. Instead we have to cope with them knowing we only added them so we could find out the quickest way of meeting them in hope of a sexual encounter.
Yes kiddiez, life's a bitch.

Nina x


Just read Nina's post about 'indie is dead'. I agree. But the picture of Blaine from Mystery Jets made me drool. I am obsessed with him. Among many other people.

I am obsessed with a 17 year old from a band. His name is Freddie Tulips, haha. Plus, I love John Cusack (hot daymn), Orlando Weeks from The Maccabees, and the guy from The XX. Oh and I used to cry every night over Jacob from Cheaper By The Dozen.

Obessions are cruel because you trick yourself into thinking one day you'll get the person, when in reality you never will, so you are building youself up for nothing.

Ginger Love

One of life's greatest questions, what is this prejudice against gingers?

I actually prefer them to us ordinary haired people, they seem to be more fun. It's because they know their ginger so don't try to be up themselves because they know people can always come back with "Get back in your biscuit tin"


Ah I constantly keep wanting change. I am so bored of my appearance. I used to have long brown hair with a block fringe, then I dyed it blonde, then I cut it shorter, now even shorter so it's up to my nose. But no, I was still bored, so I dyed it a lil' lighter and shaved the back of it. NOW I am still bored.. I have a habit of when I am angry I cut a bit of my hair off. I'm feelin' now really light pink streaks throughout my hair? Hmmm not sure. I'm acc inlove with Edie Sedgwick's hair. Wow she looks so cool in this picture.

The joys of being unphotogenic

When you're unphotogenic, life seems to be one endless barell of fun.
So first, you try and take pictures of yourself right? Seems like a simple task, but no. So you sit down and try and take a picture of you smiling, it goes horribly wrong so you blame it on the light.
Then you go stand infront of the mirror, readjust your makeup and try and take a few more, and to your horror you still look sickening. So you think ahh whatever, might aswell go out anyway.
So you leave your house to meet your friends, and one of them, god bless 'em's brought along their brand new Nikon. So you purposely spend every waking moment of your day out covering your face with your hands, your magazine, or even your indie friend's ginger hair.
But no, even though you've taken all these extra measures to protect yourself and all those who will have to look at these butters pictures, somehow you get home to find a notification on your facebook.
You have been tagged.
In my case this is usually followed by an untagging of a picture where I have a double chin.

Oh oh how I love those people I like to call Facebook Paparazzi.
Neeenz x


Ok, so on facebook you have the different 'crews'.

You have the sloaney rich girls who go to clubs 'till 3, and write on eachothers wall 'ilyyy babeeeeeyyy jalouse last night was so funn. my madre got bare angry with me cos i came in the house latee, anyways come my house and come eat cereal with me yeyeeyey? Bbm me babeeexxxoxxoxox'. Oh god. This is so annoying. Yes, we know you have a lot of friends and a blackberry, but shut the fuck up. They walk around the streets with their fag n' starbucks combo, with their blackberry (which admittedly I've grown to liking) and act like they own the street. They change their status every two minutes to 'ibizzzaa 2k10 <3>

Then you have the shits who can't speak properly. 'Hi bbz i iz fyn 2dai. I dnt fink i cn cum out cos i hve hwk but afta tht cum my house n we cn eat sum f00d.' HAHAHAHA, I just feel sorry for these people. Fair enough slang is easy, but not stuff like 'fyn', where you might aswell spell out fine. It's fun to take the piss out of that. I like to.

Then you have the coolios who love to put emotion into shit. 'Heya i am so meh :/, like your just so sexy ;) ;) ;) ;). God i'm funny :P :P :P :P. Now i'm just confused :S :S :S :S.' Oh man please will you just shut yo mouf.

I feel so cringe but lately I can't be bothered and start saying things on chat to friends like hey how r u? Don't know why but I feel like i'm in year 7. It's just such a treck speaking properly- ah well.
Annz x

Facebook Stalkers

We know we're all guilty of it. Yes, facebook stalking is one of the joys of internet.
It's nice, but kind of depressing looking into peoples pages that are a billion times cooler than yours will EVER be, and the effortless pictures they put up of their non stop social lives. It's pretty cool exploring another persons world. It's a skill to stalk though- you have to look at peoples profiles, then find their myspace, then discover they're best friends with your favourite band, so you find the band members facebook- it's all a cycle. Sometimes I have the urge to add people I stalk on facebook and throw in the 'soz mutual friends' excuse, when really we have no friends in common.. After you start stalking it becomes a habit, to gain an insight to how other people live, kinda. Wow I sound freaky. Anna x


Hey. We decided to make a blog. Cause we got shit to say.
1. We're best friends. Some may say 'joined at the hip', we'll get into that later.
2. Most people don't get our humour
3. Most common words we use are, 'get out', 'nahnahnah', 'ewwww','fml', 'YIKES', 'pooch'
4. You can normally find us in High St.Ken, Covent Garden stalking workers in Rokit, And Acton
5. We get obssessed with people we haven't met- life's a bitch like that.
6. We hate fake people, be yourself, or go home.
7. People we don't like seem to not leave us alone, more in Nina's case.
8. Yeah that's about it...