23 December 2010


21 December 2010


Hey. So here is a playlist of new and old whatevs.. just songs I like at the moment. I'd suggest ccccccheckin' them out. coz dere bere gd innit! ( youtube links included) W000000

1.The Strokes- Soma

2.Julian Casablancas- 11th Dimension

3. The Vaccines- Post Break Up Sex

4.Tinchy Stryder Giggs, etc- Game Over

5. Milky- Just the way you are

6.ATB- Till I come

7. Korn-Word Up

8. Burning Hotels- Stuck in the middle

9. Boy Crisis Dubstep- Dressed to Digress

10. Fred- Christmas Is Creepy (lolz)

18 December 2010

Wish wish wish i could take a poto like dis. It's so cool! Mayb you need good an old school cam, witch i can't afford. It's so fml how people get nice cameras just to take pictures at parties? Shows how rich people are today.




But seriously he is too sexy. JULIUS i wuv ya. And his song is good too, dunno if it's new, dunt care. It's called 11th dimension! Pretty catchy. I think people who are out n' about in this glacial weatha, must be too popular for their own good. Seriously, get out my face.

mrs. casablancas (hehehehehe) anna x

15 December 2010

5 reasons not to get your head shaved around your head.

(yes i know i had mine shaved for a bit, that's why i'm writing it kinda)
to give you an example, i have thrown in some supa indie pix of myself )

1.) It's getting a bit dated now, and loads of sloanes keep getting it. I think you can only properly put it off if you are grungey, like Alice Delall, which is why I deeply regret getting mine. Well, one of da reasons.

2.)It grows back really weirdly, like if you get the standard shave on the side thing, it grows back like side burny and weird. So unless you want it for the rest of your life, which is not advisable, you will need to let it grow, which makes you look extremely dykey.

3.) If you want to make you hair a little bit more exciting, which i did, i dunno, get some un-chavvy extensions, or throw a bit of colour in it. (unless you look punky, then go get ya head shaved)

4.) It becomes addictive, once you get it, sort of like piercings, you keep wanting more. Nothing is enough, like i did the back of my head (what the fuck was i thinkin') then i moved on to the side.

5.) If you are a non=punk and want to get it, despite this list, atleast go get a nike tick. please

thank you and goodnight
annnaa x

10 December 2010


Why do people feel the need, that when they go out to Edgware Road to smoke shisha, they need to whip out their cameras and take 500 pictures of each person inhaling and exhaling? And then make it their pp. I honestly don't get it? It doesn't look cool, and it looks boring and dull just looking at it.

The numbers on facebook where hilarious. Each time I sent a number to someone it was like 'nice...........' then to every other girl it was 'omg soo sosos buff, '
harhar classic! Atleast i have character **tumble w33d rollz in da backdwop**

aanna x

28 November 2010

Last wun, I swearz!

Yes I realise that I've written about 7 blogs in the past 10 minutes, but I couldn't be more bored and writing them makes me excited.

Basc I was just going to say that me and annz love for anyone who reads the blog (probs about 3 people, let's not lie to eachother) is unbelievable, so please do keep readin and commenting it makes us think we're not talking to ourselves.

WE LUV YOU KID(S) plural if we're lucky
Nina x

Hold up Nancy

So basically Hold up, Nancy have given me the privilledge of trying to write them a song..
Which I have, and it's called Too In Love.
So I think it's quite catchy, and alice likes it but fuck me, I am piss scared they're going to hate it.
So let's just hope that it's okay...

If I post on here in a couple of weeks saying I hate them it's probably because they've rejected it. JKZ JKZ. No hard feeliinz!

Anyway this post was pointless I'm gonna go and be scared somwhere else.
Ninz x

TV perfection

Saturday and Sunday nightz, I knoe what your thinking, time to paint the town red, sex, drugs, rock n roll.

Well no, saturday and sunday nightz now mean X factor and I'm a celebrity back to back.

There is a God,


2 November 2010


i'm not really feeling Bombay Bicycle Club's recent album..
I love their chilling, beautiful songs, but I miss the more catchy tracks, like 'The Hill' and 'Evening/Morning'. I hope they are not going to stick with this whole folky delicate approach.

'Ivy and Gold' is so average, and kind of gets on my nerve. My favourite is 'Flaws', which is really pretty and the girls voice compliments his brilliantly.

The album makes me feel slightly sad, so i tend not to listen to it, to tell the truth.


30 October 2010



well. i went to a house party last nite, lol. We took a cab, more like a mini bus, to this 'shubz'. So, we rocked out (i rocked out) in the cab to mcfly, and kesha, and we all had are supa green glowstix!!!!

We went in, and it was pretty awk truth be told. Nobody was dancing, there was like, no music, and yeah. So Gilks popped in her ipod and we put on some poppin' tunesz and did our cwinge dancing- I mean, we might aswell try and have a good night making a dick of ourselves then sitting on the couch pretending to get drunk on J20. Some chick was like OMG I h8 this song, when we put on pop the glock. Whoever she is she F OFF (LOL). Anywyas

I thought it wuld be bare jokz to put on the indie song 'why arent you dancing' to cause a riot and statement to those who weren't dancing .Don't think anyone got da hint.

But. all in all, it was pretty funnii and good. Ty nancy (don't know you, but thanks). And it was soooooo insane and sik!! how some ppl put lyk fishies in a cup hehehehe and put a pumpkin on an umbrella!! FUKIN CRAZY SHIT. Who the hell does that? literally.

Peace out

28 October 2010

w t f

why do you galz feel the need to dress like sluts on halloween?

30 September 2010


If anyone wants a handmade tee saying 'LOL' on it, please inbox me. Yes, i'm being serious.


29 September 2010


I'm hoping most people have seen the advert for Carolina Herrara's new perfume. The song is so catchy and goes 'your on the gueslist (she's not), or something like that anyways. Maybe i'm just cooler than most, but when i watch it, i sing along to it, like i'm there, wiv ma invite in hand, swaggering down.... LOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYbHvch1xCo

Most perfume adverts, or adverts in general are so shit. Like Compare the Meerkat? I mean come ON. There is no information around comparing the MARKET, just about these meerkats, that think they are jokers trying to be Borat. Too far. The one that gets my goat is 'Activa TLC'. No kids, that isn't Tender Lovin' Care, instead it's TUMii Luviin care. Oh bliddy hell. They threw in some chick who apparently is in Eastenders, i have personally only seen her in the constantly swearing woman from Love Actually.


22 September 2010


This made me LOL bigtime. So true, reminds me of so many people.


21 September 2010

Paedo Ego Boost

You see an old man, a hairy disgusting old man looks you up and down, or maybe blurts out 'very nice, very nice **looks down, looks back up, smirks**.

Most people either say fuck off, or feel disgusted, or if you live around my area, think of it as a daily occurance. What I just don't get is how some girls get a kick out of it. Like O-M-G, the guy with the crusty foot just totes looked at me ( i must look so effing buff). Are you that desperate?

Or when they accept all the perves on their facebook, and like talking dirty to them as bre jks? Wow aren't you a jok@.

This remains a mystery to me my friends!

I feel so bunged up. I might go listen to Tracy Beaker on CD in a bit, it helps me get to sleep. Oh my god Gossip Girl looks so juicy! I am so hyped



18 September 2010

The Inbetweeners

Alright so once a fuckin gain, pictures aren't uploadinn propahly but yeah.

Me and Anna, Will and Simon.
I don't think there's anyway we could be more alike.
Sometimes, when watching the show together it's almost frightening.
Like maybe they have stolen our identities and made a show, like maybe just maybe we're even uncooler than we thought.

Most people feel us on dis, and say "You guyz are like dem blokes off da inbetweeners!" but others don't agree, so please comment if you do think you can imagine Anna graffin someones front drive with an "I wuv you" or me putting a blanket over a disabled person's head because he just wouldn't shaddup.

TY guyz, plz comment (knoe you won't) Ninax

GOD 'elp me

Epicanthal fold: A fold of skin that comes down across the inner angle (canthus) of the eye. The epicanthal fold is more common in children with Down syndrome and other birth defects than normal children and so is of value in diagnosis.

Alright guys. So, my eyes are a bit 'unique'. I've never MINDED my eyes, despite the fact when i put eyeliner fully around them, they look like bowling bowls. Basically this bit of skin covers over the red thing in the corner of my eye, making my eyes appear bigger, but look slightly oriental..

I decided to research this, and check if it was normal (since i have NEVER seen anyone else with my eye thing), and if you do, please holla at me. It is called an Epicanthal fold, and I typed it in google and children with down syndrome came up. I got one of the images in google of their eye, so you can compare it.

AND i got a picture of my beautiful friend Tara's eye, which is normal because you can see the red ting.

14 September 2010

reply to todds thing on da bl0g below

the entry was about a type of person not really about music. Yeah ok not everyone is going to like Dynomite, I for one personally love it. I didn't say meaningful music was indie! Haha if meaningful music was called 'indie' i'd shoot myself. Quite a lot of 'indie' has no meaning to it, which is fine. Meaningful can be anything, to anyone.. whether it be 'it's just because i'm nananann frisky'. Bruce Springsteen some call meaningful and i wouldn't call him 'indie'. The entry was pointing out how arrogant people can be in looking down at people for liking something that is not new and 'hot', no i'm not talking about David Bowie, i'm talking about someone (i used indie as an example) liking an old hip/jazz/emo whatever song and someone being all 'pfffft you don't know music'. Because, maybe it is just me, but i have met a lot of people like that. I think music has a lot to do with your mood, and if you want to listen to Tik Tok, yeah sure as hell we're not making movements but tbh that's too bad because some people are in a silly dancey mood. Most of the time I don't want to listen to things I find meaningful because it makes me sad or think a lot personally. I think it's narrow minded also if someone also likes just the top 40 hits, but when did i say you should? I see your point about the mainstreamers doing it for fame, and to be honest that is probably correct, but quite often other bands do it for the sex and the drugs and whatever.. they don't have to have vulgure lyrics and dress with shutter shades to be like that. That's the joy of mainstream, you're not expecting anything, it's just the song, to be honest you don't care about the lyrics, infact you might take the piss out of them. But half these alternative bands come out with songs you actually relate to and you think they're creativr and then BANG interview with the lead singer saying it was about being high on heroin.

13 September 2010


Hi. Hey. HEY xD xD.

So, I going to dedicate this entry to people who really get me screaming 'GET OUT OV MA WORLD'.

We've all seen them. They're everywhere.
(Or maybe it's just my imagination)

The people who obvs spend their days looking up new tunes on their lappyz (not like i haven't but ok) and THEN someone shows you a song on youtube and is like 'Oh no, please, this song has only been released to two people in the wurld, you may or may not know it (JOKES U FKIN DNT U UN-INDIE GiiT- I DO I DO DOE IN UR FACE (**teehee**).' You listen.. and bored because you'd rather rock to taio cruz (why do people hate on dynomite, i love that song?) anyways, then you sneekily, TRY and get on the same level as them by showing them a song you think is new and NO, 'i have heard this a million times before babez'..GO HOME

Also when people only listen to new music, and kind of smirk when they hear you like, i dunno, for example, Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons (as much as they get on my nerves now i did like Little Lion man or whatever.. And then they say 'hahaah catch up...' or 'right....have you heard their new stuff? jee-wizz, takes me back to listening to the old western beats of the ranch in which my mother gave me life'. NO.

Fair enough we all say, 'oh have you heard the rest of the album of theirs?' but we don't do it in some patrinising way.

ALSO, thinking about this the other day made me get paranoid because i thought maybe these shits are just soo passionate about music, cut them some slack but tbh it bugz me. Like when i went on someones wall and the status was 'PRAY GOD XX don't win mercury prize!!!!!!!!!!' and then 8 comments like 'i completely agree there fellow. xx all sound the same, and don't sound original. Unlike Mumz and Sonz who are so totes individual (HOW ARE THEY BTW? They sound like any old country folk crap but a bit more pretencious) and if you go back 5 years when so and so one the award it was such a travestry, but my oh my, xx's ballads and gslfhdlfhlj;flkhjdskjl JUST STOP.. PLEASE?

When i am around these kind of people i feel like i am being so heavily judged, and if i say i like kesha they'd bloody hang me in rough trade or something.. Why do people take themselves so seriously?? Does it make them feel important? Maybe i am just speaking nonsense and probs being hyprocritical BUT H3Y H03 baby kakes.

LOVE Y'ALL. plz comment, i know you won't. hehehe

1 September 2010

Festival Pikz

Right, so I've been on facebook, and come across about 5 million festival albums, whether it be Reading or Glasto, whatever. All the pictures are the SAME.

Here is the general theme:

-Taken by a disposable
-All taken of their 'crew' chilling out around their tent, getting completely wasted
-Someone lying on the floor
-Some smoking in a tent
-A picture taken by themselves of one or two people at night, out of control, with a blurred picture of a stage in the background.
-People holding beer cans
-A supa cool pikki of a pile of their rubbish (omgz) including: paper, fags, tinned beans...etc
-People just woken up..
-People holding the gr8 combo of pot noodle and a fag.

Okay, why can't people be a bit imaginative and take some pictures of the bands playing? Yeah, everybody knows at festivals people get craz3 or whatever, but to be honest, appart from the people who look at themselves in the album like 'shit dude, i can totes not memba any of dat :S', nobody really gives a toss if you were stoned. And why do people pay all the money, to sit around in a circle, smoking cigarettes, lie in a tent all day, and go to a couple of bands? That's what it seems like half these people do. Is it just to say, 'ahh yeah man reading was siiiccck' or to make your facebook status 'reading- what a time. '10'. I like festivals, but i think it mostly is about the music.

Also, I hate, how everyone who is sane, knows that Notting Hill Carnival is going on, yet we get the constant 'NOTTINGHILL CARNIVAL TODAY!!!!', 'Gonna dress up well funny for the carnival' 'Notting Hill Carnival' 'Notz Hillz Carnz'. YES MATE, WE GET IT. Jease. Again, half these people probably wouldn't even go to it, if they weren't able to post a pic up on facebook of them 'soakin up da reggae' or facebooking they are going. Because it's considered cool to go to it, people love to prove they're going or something. Don't get it...

31 August 2010


Ok, I thought Paris Hilton's BFF was on, haha, and NO, they change it to 'JedWard Let Loose'. Maybe Paris was cancelled due to her Coke scandal. Anyways, I decided to watch this trash because nothing else was on t.v.

I saw something kind of fit in Jedward, beneath the weird quiff, and matching outfits. After this show I lost all faith. Firstly, they seemed to be putting on some fake American accent, on top of their Irish accent. They are obvs queer; their voices were so high pitched I fell off my chair. The biggest scandal of the show was that (drumroll) EDWARD AND JEDWARD weren't sleeping in the same room!!!!!! CALL DA PO-PO. And they seem a little too close.

They think they're celebrities, and are so stupid. 'Omg how do you turn on the fridge'? Oh come on. Then they make a special appearance at Dublins HMV, where a bunch of 'tweens' and teens are like having heart attacks (all girls). They have this cocky, annoying personality where it seems like they can't sit still for more than five minutes, and they are always on top of eachother, giving eachother piggy bags or whatevs. I sense some incest up in here. NASTY.


24 August 2010

You go get em tiger...prawn. The Animal Print Trend for A/W 2010


Sorry photos aren't uploading properly, but if you click on the link I think you'll get what I'm talking about.

Alright, so I'm looking through VOGUE and all the usual fashion "magz", and apparently animal/leopard print is the big ting for Autumn/Winter 2010.

Frankly I'm just confused. Okay, so yes on the catwalk this dress looks kick arse. No arguing with the fact it's been designed beautifully with all the interesting hemming but in REAL LIFE when are you going to wear that? When? Name one time when it would be socially acceptable to pop up in that? Aswell as everyone thinking you're a psycho they'd think you're a chav.

This is why I stand by my fact that I love the high street catwalk thing that goes on in LOOK. Aytee they'll do the trend, like animal print but it's all from the highstreet AND they'll just do subtle hints of the trend. Not a full on bloody leopard print body suit. Finally there's a way of wearing a trend without looking like a complete freak, and we can afford it.

Not going to lie, still not going to be rocking out in my zebra striped accented leggings but there you are.
Neenz x

19 August 2010


Hey y'all. So i'm up San Francisco, chillin' it up. Today I went to H8 Ashberry, also known as 'Haight Ashberry'. The 'indie' area of the city, where there are great vintage shops and 'hipsters'. .....Well that's what it said in the guide book.

We get to this place, after trekking up 500 hills. So first we see some wanna-bee rastas 'busking' on the floor. One chick looked like an ex Abercrombie model, but was soo alternative and rasta because she had a bead in her hair and a guitar, which she wasn't even playing. Two guys next to her had dreads and guitars aswell. Go home you ain't authentic. Go use some of your inheritence money instead of trying to look cool.

Then you had shops trying to be Camden, like 'CANNABIS', and slogans in the window like 'legalize it dude'. Then you'd get more 'rastas' smoking ganja. Even the people working in Ben and Jerrys were wearing tie dye tops trying to pretend they were from a different era. The whole place was trying TOO hard, and felt like you were in a fancy dress party where the theme was 1960s or something. The vintage shops were decent.. but a little on the pricey side. The only good thing was the amazing shop selling dvds, cds, and vinyls. There weren't even any cool people there, appart from the occasional guy in a shopl.

OH and then we went into American Apparel. Have you ever noticed that there is a signature American App worker? Girls have:

-Block Fringe (or shaved hair, or really long hair)
-Clear skin
-Minimal make-up
You get the idea

In that shop they all look like they are paid to work there to try and look cool and talk amongst eachother rather than being helpful people and being friendly for godsake. To top it off, you have the bright lights which make you feel like jumping in a pool of acid, and and going to a gym. AND you have annoying music that blares that repeats the lyrics about 80 times. This is a shame, as the clothes are nice.

Anna x

"Nahh she's sickening."

Alright, so my friend Pavan was round my house when Todd came round to get his iPod and his lyrics (yes guys we're that indii3).
And me and Pavan are looking through Heat, and we're doing the usual taking the piss out of the chicks in there. So Todd's hearing a lot of "Do you think she's pretty?" "Nahh she's sickening".
When he says "Why do you criticise everyone in there? If they're famous because of their looks they're obviously not disgusting."

So then I start thinking, why is it that girls all criticise other girls? Okay, sometimes it is because we're jealous and we actually think they're insanely buff and wish we were them so we try and find flaws, but a lot of people I honestly think aren't pretty are considered gorgeous.

Let's take an example and I know I'm going to get hate mail because of this but I don't understand the hype about Cheryl Cole.

Alright so she's a pretty girl but she ain't that great! I don't understand how she's some sex symbol she isn't exactly some big breasted big bummed goddess. She's pretty skinny, and in my opinion pretty average.

In my opinion the only women who are peng arse sex symbols are MEGAN FOX, hawt dayum hunni. And maybe Angelina Jolie, Cheryl Cole can go shut the fuck up and suck Simon Cowell's dick.
Thank you and Good morning,
Neenz x

2 August 2010


Also, I just thought of something..
People think it's slutty to take pictures in their bras.. But it's ok for people to take pictures in their bikinis.. it's basically the same thing, you just ain't wearing the same material. I don't think there is anything wrong with bikini pictures.. but it just got me thinking. Maybe because when you're in your bikini, you aren't deliberately like 'yee bbz let's snap a pik of ma hot bawd', it's more like, 'yeah i'm on holiday, in my bikini ready 2 hit the beach'. Who knows!



Hi. So I decided to blog about something different for a change.. So here are some pieces of items for autumn/winter and summer that I'm feelin'.

First off, is the lovely tartan Dries Van Outen dress. It's very simple (i like dressing simple), but you could jazz it up with some fishnets, boots, or some purple lippE. lolz. I think black is super for winter, or tbh any time of the year, so rock IT.

Secondly, I'm loving this kind of rock chick, sophisticated look, from Isabel Marrant's a/w 2010 collection. Not too keen on the whole baseball jacket thing, but I like everything else (except the scarf). It could look really classy, and fresh, with hair nicely up, with a simple flick of liquid eyeliner, or red lipstick. Or.. you could grunge it up with messy hair, doc martens, and serious @ttitud3. Wow that was cringe.. But seriously i'm liking it.

Hahaha i'm writing as if i think i'm some fashion stylist.. but I'm not. I'm just writing what I feel.

Also, I like that American Apparel has some less i- have -to -be- anorexic -to -look decent -in -this clothing! I like the button up, collar silk shirts, and the ra-ra skirts are really fun and summery too. Oh, and the high waist trousers are lovely aswell. The only annoyance is that American App.is so bleedin' expensive.. Really? 25 quid for a top- PLEASE. And has anyone else noticed there is NEVER a sale in that shop?

Anna x

28 July 2010

Mystery Jetz

Right, so I popped down to Rough Trade (indiiE) in Notting Hill, and came across 'Serotonin', so decided to buy it.
I've really grown into buying CDs because you get to here all the songs, before they get on radio, and you get to rok out in your room, instead of being antisocial on your ipod. And if you're really badass you can krank ur speakas so your neighbours ring up the po-po. LOL. Okay, back to the music..(I'm commenting on some of my favourites)

The song Serotonin, is brilliant. It starts with an infectious beat, then fades down, and Blaine almost whispers the lyrics at first, then the singing gets louder and louder, then finally the catchy beat starts again with the chorus 'Serotonin you're burning a hole into my heart.' Towards the end, I feel an element of 'Grease', where the words 'Sera-serotonin' are repeated; you could almost imagine it being sung by a group of gelled haired, leather jacket wearing, dudes, in a diner (but in a good way).

Melt, is another great song which I can't seem to get out of my head. It begins with a slow, chilled out, vibe, like they have piece of grass in their mouth, bopping their heads. Then there is a build up, where the lyrics 'cos when you come around the house at night darling, there's just one thing I want to do, yeah when you come around the house at night darling, there's just one thing I want to do, all I wanna do is MELT MELT MELT MELT into you. When they say the words 'Melt', it's as if they have been gasping for air and have just released, or that they've been constipated the whole day, and then finally done a shit, and have been so happy they just wanna shout 'MELT MELT MELT'. Do you get what I mean? Whatevs.. Then the pace gets fast, and slightly chaotic, when the words 'this is what, I've been waiting for, been waiting for, been waiting for, (or something along the lines of that). Then yet again it breaks into the chorus MELT MELT MELT. I actually will pay someone a fiver if by the end of the song, you are not humming or singing 'Melt, melt, melt, melt into you. Literally.

I forgot to add, If you do buy this album, you get a groovy CD cover booklet, where the band appear to be somewhere exotic. The cover is of one of the members spraying his pits, one in the bath tub looking like 'FML' one going for the intellectual look and reading the paper, and then one chillin' by the balcony (chilled out dude). In the other bits of the cover, there is a picture of one of the guys shaving, a picture of a (i'm assuming) drunken night, where there is a chick gigglin', lying down on the boys, who seem wasted. It's not pretentious- almost like a picture diary, which is kinda cool.

I really recommend this album- the songs all sound different, and are toe-tapping beauties.

Anna x

27 July 2010


The tube is a strange, uncomfortable place. I noticed, nearly 99 percent of people on the tube carriage you're in, look un-earthly, or just fucking weird. Today, I had a man who looked like a gingerbread that had been turned into a human but then had been thrown in a sewage dump, sitting next to me. He was really creepy, and kept looking at me. So I looked back, looking at his bushy eyebrows, and eyes, where one was bigger then the other, and one was squinting. He reminded me of something of the kids t.v show 'Trollz'. I hated the fact I was sitting opposite him, that he could see me and that I could see him. Isn't itweird that on the tube anyone gets to see anyone? Like we might aswell as be sitting at dinner, opposite eachother at a table, just not speaking.

Then you have the standard perves; hair greasing, mono brows juicy, and faces disgusting. I think the people get weirder, as you go out of the central bit of London and into the suburbs. Don't know why- they just do. Buses are different, they aren't awkward. Tubes are so blunt, so sharp, like everyone sitting opposite eachother, there is no avoiding glancing at them at some point. Sometimes you look at them, and they get the wrong impression, like shit man they're UP 4 IT i ain't going home solo tonite..
Or if a really nice guy is sitting opposite, and you don't want to look at them because it's cringe, and you go red because they are fit (maybs that's just me). My preference for tubes is the District line, it is spacious and is mostly overground, whereas the bloody central is so stuffy n' butters. It would be nice if instead we had little compartments, like balls, with seats, so you could go in one, or fit your friends in, and go through a tunnel thing.. Like in the Incredibles when they go into the island if you get me?

Anna x

24 July 2010

23 July 2010

Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?

Hey, this is an interesting documentary, called 'Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock'. It's about a woman, who would stereotypically be named 'trailer trash', (although I don't think so), who is american and drives a truck. She buys a painting for her friend, which she thinks is horrible, for 5 dollars at a charity shop. Her son tells her it looks a lot like Jackson Pollock, and she says she has never heard of the fucking guy. Lol.

Then she hires CSI style painting detectives, to see if it IS a real Pollock. If it is, it would be worth millions. I won't give it away if it is one or not. It's not a particularly gripping film, it's a fun, documentary which shows that people who #$&% the haterz and believe in themselves will make it. Oh and that surprising things can happen.

Anna xx


i love this song, i love the lyrics, so here they are. I like the fact they are slighty messed up, and his voice is almost demonic. But good. FrYars- chOcolate

Alice and Ivy In fights with Police,
There's a place round the corner I know
They took a turn,
And went the right way.
And they came and they hid in my show.
You Look Lost
Let me know where you want to go.
And then they cut our hair,
What a wonderful world,
What a wonderful world.
Then we had Clothes to wear.
What a wonderful boy,
What a wonderful girl, Said Alice and Ivy,
We're looking for surgeons, It really is time that we go,
They took a car,
And went to London,
And came to the Hospital, O,
You Look Lost Let me know what you want me to do.
And then Alice said she wants to be a girl
Feeling Hungry?
And the doctor said
Just eat this chocolate
And then Ivy said she wants to be a boy
Eat this chOcolate.
And the Doctor said
You're doing Fine
Ivy was a child,
She drank from straws,
She went a walking with the doors locked.
Alice was a devil,
With ivory bones,
HE had a shotgun it was sawn off.
Ivy drank testosterone,
And wanted just to be alone,
She said I will be a man one day,
Alice ate progesterone,
And just wanted to be alone,
He said I will be a girl one day.

It's extremely catchy and unlike anything you've heard. Youtube it!

Anna x

21 July 2010

19 July 2010


my life is extremely embarassing.
I am dying my hair lilac and pink. I like change let's hope it doesn't look shite. So depressed i missed Darwin Deez at Latitude yesterday, and he was apparently walking around the bloody site. Gr8 missed my chance to pop the question will yu mari me? jok3z.

My thing under my tongue hurts, ew what the fuck. Speaking of body parts i have an original asset. My eyes are commonly identified with people who have downsyndrome or alcohol disease (don't know what that is). The two pieces of skin fold over, which makes my eyes look like 2 round bowling bowls. Sweet. It could mean i have oriental ancestors which i doubt tbh, or maybe i was messed up in the embryo.

Nina is away i miss her so much. I want a dog to keep me company, a lil' pup, i like how you can talk to them and pretend they agree with you when nobody else will.

Annz x

1 July 2010

Oh lord

Okay, so I've been looking at this photo for about..10 minutes now?
And I physically cannot stop laughing.
Like I stop for a minute "navigate" away from the page (why do people say that? it aint a bloody map) and then i start laughing again.

I'm sorry but did someone sit there and think "Eh mate, you know what'll be joke! if i take a pic of your gob, get some googly eyes off clipart and stick em onto dis ere feline"

Whatever he was thinking, they were a complete genius because I have never laughed this hard.


Yeah so i'm hating this bloody 'ok' sign these so called 'dons' make. You know what i mean, like the hand with the circle in the middle. What the hell is that? Like hehe i'm so hard even though i go to private schooling and live in a big house.. Literally it kills me everytime. And they look at the camera in a menacing way, like 'dnt mess wit me ye i swear ye i swear'. No you look like a twat making the sign which you comonly use to symbol 'A-Ok', like i'm okay everything is cool. Not wagwarrrnn bre skeen. Just stop now.

Then you have the really cool guys who think they trick people into thinking they're rooney by putting footie tops with their name on the back as their profile picture. Oh my... Nuff' said. It's like me putting a gold medal saying olympic winna 2009 as my profile picture and thinking FUCK they will fink i won dis shit. LOLZ LOLZ.

I hate with a passion when people say 'nomnomnom'. What does this mean? I assume eating.. Who the fuck goes nomnomnom while they're chewing. Like i said it really quick and it just sounds weird. The word nomnomnom makes me physically feel sick. Chewchewchew is a better bloody alternative if your REALLY that desperate to show that people chew when they're eating.Nice.

We found a really good website for watching movies, like Kick Ass at great quality. Well i didn't find it, but someone in our glass did. Literally it's sick.
its something like tv dome . com !
check it out

anna x

24 June 2010

A day in the life of.. MoII!! heheheeh jkz

Hi everyone, today was a really oighja;os day. Basically, I went on the tube, SWEATING as it was some scorcher and i refused to wear no tights, so had nice think black ones on. I hate having other people around me on the tube, especially kids, as I get really paranoid and go red-faced (not sure why).

Right, so these two, I'm guessing year 7 boys from some school get on and I'm not in the mood. I'm fucking scorching, the ripe smell of curry and b.o is overwhelming and people with greasy hair and scary faces are all around me, with the exception of some people managing to look good still. So I'm standing next to them, and I move my foot but it nearly touches his so I pull away immediately and they have a good chuckle. And start saying "the girl over there" 'hehehe'. I obvs went red and was like dff. Then one of the kiddies gets off and i'm celebrating because I now know they can't mention me as they ain't togefa! I all of a sudden started hearing opera singing and was like oh christ, so I look to my left and see the little guy like singing and mumbling to himself. I kind of admired him, compared to me, anxious over the sight of two fucking 12 year olds.

Wow I'm so bored, facebook is a boring place. People take it too seriously like their whole lives are being judged on what they do on the weekends and how cool their pikkiz are, or how many people are tagged in their status. And these groups like 'i like fish.........JK I'M FUKIN UNHEALFII AND EAT CHOKKI IN ME SPARETIME!!!!' it's ok for a while, but when they join about 200 of them, and post it on eachothers wall like yeah baby that sums us up <3 <3! it's a bit annoying, as i see it when i stalk or on news feed. Can't people just write whatever? Maybe not.

And the dubstep craze. It's so shit i can't get my head around it. Appart from Harvi delal 'dubstep' who Nina mentioned, posted some shitty 'dstep' on my wall.. GR8. All of dubstep sounds the same to me, and i don't think should be considered music. In the words of Harvi it makes you feel like a 'hardcore rava'. Hmmm.. sure? And the indie cindies who post it on eachothers walls like 'hey, check out 1:23 when the beat drops so hard it's like rain drops beating against my window. Then as you reach the 4:32 the mood changes. Anyways mate listen and let me know if you like it.' SHUT UP. Go to let's go crazy or whatever and listen to some.

Annz x

....(a) dot nn (ah) LOLZ x

Harvi Dubstep Dehal

Right, so on Facebook there are three types of people.
one) you have the people you actually want to talk to
two) you have the people you don't know
three) you have the people who are so piss annoying, you think that they live JUST to get on your nerves.

Harvi Dehal Dubstep, would be option two and three.
Yes, this is someone I don't know who annoys the shit out of me.

So let me hit you with a standard convo between me and Dubby.

HARVI: wah bloww?
ME: what in gods name?
HARVI: You okaaaaiiii??
ME: yeah i'm great.
HARVI: Ask me how ii am deen! come onnn!!! looooeeeel
Don't make me par witchu yee? Coz I will.
ME: What the fuck are you on about?
HARVI: I'm a darby lad ye? don't even get it twisted i'll murk you. wiv my fwendz.
Look me up on TooHardTV my rhymes are all over da world
ME: Can you stop talking now please..
HARVI: LOOOOeeeel your bare funny ye!
ME: I'm not joking..
HARVI: AAAAH mate dont par wit me yeyeye, lets chat. what type of music do you like?
ME: Go away.
HARVI: Do you like dubstep? I do i do i do.
ME: No shit, you put it in your name coolio.
HARVI: LOEL! See you are talking to me!! looel hows skl hows skl? how's sonia? how's anna?
HARVI: I know your jokang! lets be m8z!
HARVI: Nina? niiiiina??? come awwwwn your my gal! why'd you dislike me?
ME: Your so annoying.
HARVI: NO WAY! I'll get my friend to call you yeah and say I'm not annoying!
ME: Meh.
HARVI: Me? Me????? i fought you dont liiike me :(

Yes kids, that is a standard convo with Harvi Dehal. I think he spends every waking moment purposely trying to make me pull hair out.

I think he may have a personal goal to see how long it will take him to make me throw a shoe at the computer screen.
How many angry messages do I have to send for him to realise this is not some strange game I do to pass the time, I actually just don't like talking to you.

Thank you and goodnight x

14 June 2010


you know what i can't stand? the fact that 70 percent of the people i knwo are selfish or rude. maybe not fully, but i've noticed that hardly anyone recipricates. like how are you, i'm good.. no how are you? or let me talk about my uninteresting self and when you bring up something let me just laugh or go haha cool. shut up. jease is that hard to LOOk like you fucking find something interesting. And people never have anything interesting to talk about. Or if they do it's stuff that's just boys or whatever. Not saying i'm so interesting and chatty but i just cba to talk to people who i know don't give two shits.

here's a test. go tell someone say you when to a play this weekend with your fam, and give them a PRIZE if they ask what it was about.

anna x

13 June 2010

Okay, So we're writing a book

Right, so me and my cousin Larissa have decided to write a teenagers book.

Trying desperately to think of a good plotline, so far we intend on having either a stalker, a kidnapping..not quite sure.

BUT it will have a boom cliffhanger ending, so that it will force people to buy the sequel and then the film will be even more successful.

Yes, we have every intention of this book becoming a film. All British actors, you heard it here first.

If anyone has seen Labyrinth the film with David Bowie, that is our inspiration.

The power of the babe should not be underestimated.

Spiderwick chronicles will also have its effect on our novel.

Our film will also have a genius soundtrack that I intend on writing, reflecting the Harry Potter theme tune.

So yeah, basically we need a genius idea that will bless the pages of our novel, something juicy that will keep everyone reading. A real page turner.

Maybe throw in a paedophile or two? Bit 'ah death?

Please comment ith any clever ideas that you feel like sharing, we shall credit you on the blurb.

Much love, Neenz and Larissa x

11 June 2010


I went to the Barbican last night to see the Michael Clark dance show. It was so good.. It was weird though, and some things made me uncomfortable watching, just because it was so intense directly watching it.

The theatre was pitch black, and in one dance the woman was in a full body tight suit (covering her face) with needles all in the suit, dancing to the song Heroine by The Velvet Underground. It was kind of blatent what it was about, so was kind of over the top with the needle element to it. The people hanging around at the interval watching the play were SO amazing aswell i was literally drooling- i think i saw Pete Doherty.

Anyways, so there was another seen with this person in a shiny all body suit dancing and then this swim came on stage and this naked woman with her back to the audience just sat on the swing, and the swing just carried her to the other side of the stage. It was really cool and i've never seen that kind of thing before. Then there were loads of David Bowie songs played in the dances which i was tapping my head to LOLZ.

There were also random videos saying 'Anal' and naked people on it. Slightly creepy.

So yeah, you should go see it.

6 June 2010

Trendy wendys

OK. So, why do people follow fashion trends?
Like, who the fuck is making all the weird rules. 'Tarten is so in', 'Black is the new red'. Shut up. It's like a cult if you think about it. People are dictating to people what to wear, and thousands of magazines are published everywhere.

Who even says these people are 'stylish'? The majurity of them are the opposite. Do people want to look the same- so if camoflauge was in one season, all the 'fashionistas' would rock out wearing it. It's creepy, like fashion following robots.

And those who are so devout to this regime of changing clothes every fucking month, how do you afford it? You have to chuck the clothes you secretly love in your closet because a page in a book tells you to.

I'm not saying people should wear neon pink trousers and feathers in their hair to be different, but just wear what YOU want. You don't look fashionable wearing something that thousands of bored, sad, woman want you to wear because they have nothing better to do.

Anna bo nana x

Right so..

So basically I haven't written on here in about a year and a half, mainly because I have made a frightening discovery.

I'm a boring, boring person.
The only person I make laugh is myself and maybe if I'm lucky, my pooch.
I actually need to write like notes down on cu cards before I go out to make sure I have topic sentences to talk about, and keep me
from babbling.

Yes I know I sound like a freak, but that's life.
I'd rather be a freak than an indie tryhard.

Ty guyz ty.

4 June 2010


Wow I must look cool doing this blog. It's supposed to be mine AND Nina's. But lately Nina is too popular for it. Pretty much 100 percent of the entrys are mine.

Do you ever get it, when you're like walking down the street, and you subconciously start talking to yourself or whatever? Literally I always do it, like i'll randomnly say (to myself) 'uh i feel so disgusting' or say a bad joke to myself and go 'hahaha i'm so cringe'. Then some indian guy will look at me like i'm out of kontrol, and then i realise i've been talking to my self. Even when i'm watching t.v, i'll say, daymnn he's buff aloud, or turn to my left side and say 'omg guys this is joke' as if i'm with people. Then i start laughing like who am i? Maybe i'm the only one who does this?

Does anyone even read this bloody blog? Probs not. So basics i'm talking to myself on HERE aswell. What is a blog? What are you actually supposed to write..

'California girls
We're unforgettable
Daisy Dukes
Bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin
So hot
Will melt your popsicle
Oooooh Oh Oooooh'

Yeah, these are the lyrics i have in my head. Katy Perry 'California Gurls'. How embarassing. The lyrics, as you can see, are really creative and meaningful. What are daisy dukes? Will melt your popsicle? Which playas walk around with a solero like heya babz. Who knows. Look it up on youtube, it grows on you.

25 May 2010


Wow was a surprising juicy 'epp' tonight. Pretty heavy shit though. That annoying popstar guy is so butters and weird he can fuck off. I hate Dixon so much I just want to slap him with a fish, he kind of looks like a ginormous hunk of beef! That english teacher is so fuked up, he decides to crash the school bus into a sign post (bad ass), his beard is so irritating, i just want to shave it off. Can't stand the surfer chick, with her un-funny jokes like 'har har i'm one of the guys', shut up you dyke. Silver and Naomi looked annoying good, and Jasper was so joke with the burning boat, what lolz. I love how he burns the boat then stands there innocently with his crutches, as if he has done nothing. Oh my god the rape was fucking scary, I had heard it was going to happen, but he was properly feist-T. Like woah there, he is pretty fit though, he looks a bit like an almond..

Also you know what is getting SO boring? Glee. The first couple of weeks it was different and uplifting, but now it is the same boring storyline, with Rachel and her terrible singing, which makes you want to throw a brick at the t.v. Finn got way less fit (dang) and the 'buff' two cheerleaders look messed up- one looks like a dinosaur, the other like a mexican bean that has been mushed up. I actually love Arty or Arny or whatever, the one in the wheelchair. I was so hyped when he was all excited about walking again, and then that ginger fish has to go crush his dream. GET OUT. Mr. Shuster is a joke, he so thinks he is Justin Timberlake. Don't get what the fuss about Puck is? He ain't that great. And the weird mohawk that has now been shaved off- please?

Anna x

18 May 2010


I don't care if you "roll bare zoots" while you cry bout your drug addiction.
I don't give a shit if you have to go to a mental assilum because E's made you so fucked up.
I don't care if you've forgotten the real colour of your carpet because it's covered in chunder after all your wild nights.

You ain't Cook.
You ain't Effy.
Stop trying to look Skins you pathetic people.

wow i want some pizza right now

16 May 2010

White boiiiz

Why do white people even try and look hard?
Don't walk around with your g-star raws and your pierced ear saying "skeen" and "jam" when you probably go to a private school in putney.

You people disgust me.

"PENG" galz on fb

Okay, so your on your facebook homepage and something catches your eye.

"This photo has 45 likes and 376 comments"

So you think hey, let's go see what the fuss is about. Then your greeted by a picture of a leg, a bit of long blond hair and a black blur you can only assume are eyes. If there were no tags you wouldn't even be sure if this is a girl or not, so you start reading the comments.
"Oh my god babess! Your beautiful"
"Go and get ugly!!"
"Stunning love"

HOW? How is she stunning when she's blurred out her own face? How is she beautiful when the photo's so edited you can't see her nose?

People, please. Those of us who remain to take ordinary unedited photos recieve a single like, if we're lucky from a man we've never met called Mohammed Al Hussain just because we didn't want to go as far as to photoshop our dp.

FML, Neeenz x

Try hards

Oh my god. If I see one more fucking denim jacket, lace tights, and those annoying brown lace-up boots, thrown together I will actually kill myself. Why do people want to look the same? Do they think they look indie or summink?

Instead of brown lace-ups they go buy the fake doc martens from office, or River Island and pretend they are some vintage specialties. This way of dressing was the same as the craze with the ugg and wet leggings shit. OH and I hate how they all have those black bags with the straps made out of gold chain, haha. They take pikkiz of them smoking INDOORS (BADASS) and 'chundering' from their late night of alcopopz.


annah x


Yeah so I took some photos, and got this girl to model. I set it on Primrose Hill. The theme was day dream..

FML and shit.

Like just fml. Life is so fucking boring! We do the same thing pretty much every weekend, it gets so boring. And I hardly ever go out anymore, lately I prefer going home to watch bloody Mulan or Spirited Away. I kind of have a passion for chinese films, they are so complex, and no matter how down I am, I feel so good after watching them.
Summer is approaching and I still have failed to stick to healthy eating, what a joke. Summer is not a good season. All that happens is you see buff girls walking around with flawless, un- oily skin, rocking around in hot pants, revealing their tanned amazing body. Then me, with my foundation dripping down my face, and legs still in tights because I don't want to show them..
I'm going to Latitude which should be alright. I'm only going for a day so far, the line up is like the xx, who I am super excited to see, and The Maccabees. Kinda dissapointed I'm missing Vampire Weekend on Sunday, but they seem really cocky so they puts me off.

15 May 2010

Is that a joke?

I want to gag, our two worst fears have joined together in the facebook group:
"Let's see if methadrone can get more likes than gordon brown"

Ew, please people, please.

No to Drugs

I just don't understand why people take drugs. Like, you're putting your whole life at risk, as you could have a reaction to a drug, no matter how many times you take it. If you're fucked up and want to die, go ahead.. but kids as young as 14 taking Methodrone, is fucking out of order. I miss the times people used to drink red bull and get drunk. But now it's trying the latest drugs and thinking your bad ass when actually your just trying to look cool.

The super cool kidz join groups on facebook like 'hugs not drugs', then write on the wall like heheheheehh r u kidding drugs are great' as if they are rebelling against the system. GET OUT. You're not messed up, you're not cool, you're just falling into peer pressure and going to mess up your life.

Nina and I are completely anti drugs. Peace out.

Random Adds

Random adds, I miss the days when they were acceptable.
When it was just cool to add someone you were planning on stalking, you could just hit them with "Mutual Friends" or "Friend Suggestions" but no, then these facebook groups start popping up called
"I added you because we have mutual friends LOL jk, I just wanna bang"

Who let out the secret?
Now those of us who used to love being able to brush off a random add and continue stalking those guys we think are peng but will never meet can no longer be happy. Instead we have to cope with them knowing we only added them so we could find out the quickest way of meeting them in hope of a sexual encounter.
Yes kiddiez, life's a bitch.

Nina x


Just read Nina's post about 'indie is dead'. I agree. But the picture of Blaine from Mystery Jets made me drool. I am obsessed with him. Among many other people.

I am obsessed with a 17 year old from a band. His name is Freddie Tulips, haha. Plus, I love John Cusack (hot daymn), Orlando Weeks from The Maccabees, and the guy from The XX. Oh and I used to cry every night over Jacob from Cheaper By The Dozen.

Obessions are cruel because you trick yourself into thinking one day you'll get the person, when in reality you never will, so you are building youself up for nothing.

Ginger Love

One of life's greatest questions, what is this prejudice against gingers?

I actually prefer them to us ordinary haired people, they seem to be more fun. It's because they know their ginger so don't try to be up themselves because they know people can always come back with "Get back in your biscuit tin"


Ah I constantly keep wanting change. I am so bored of my appearance. I used to have long brown hair with a block fringe, then I dyed it blonde, then I cut it shorter, now even shorter so it's up to my nose. But no, I was still bored, so I dyed it a lil' lighter and shaved the back of it. NOW I am still bored.. I have a habit of when I am angry I cut a bit of my hair off. I'm feelin' now really light pink streaks throughout my hair? Hmmm not sure. I'm acc inlove with Edie Sedgwick's hair. Wow she looks so cool in this picture.

The joys of being unphotogenic

When you're unphotogenic, life seems to be one endless barell of fun.
So first, you try and take pictures of yourself right? Seems like a simple task, but no. So you sit down and try and take a picture of you smiling, it goes horribly wrong so you blame it on the light.
Then you go stand infront of the mirror, readjust your makeup and try and take a few more, and to your horror you still look sickening. So you think ahh whatever, might aswell go out anyway.
So you leave your house to meet your friends, and one of them, god bless 'em's brought along their brand new Nikon. So you purposely spend every waking moment of your day out covering your face with your hands, your magazine, or even your indie friend's ginger hair.
But no, even though you've taken all these extra measures to protect yourself and all those who will have to look at these butters pictures, somehow you get home to find a notification on your facebook.
You have been tagged.
In my case this is usually followed by an untagging of a picture where I have a double chin.

Oh oh how I love those people I like to call Facebook Paparazzi.
Neeenz x


Ok, so on facebook you have the different 'crews'.

You have the sloaney rich girls who go to clubs 'till 3, and write on eachothers wall 'ilyyy babeeeeeyyy jalouse last night was so funn. my madre got bare angry with me cos i came in the house latee, anyways come my house and come eat cereal with me yeyeeyey? Bbm me babeeexxxoxxoxox'. Oh god. This is so annoying. Yes, we know you have a lot of friends and a blackberry, but shut the fuck up. They walk around the streets with their fag n' starbucks combo, with their blackberry (which admittedly I've grown to liking) and act like they own the street. They change their status every two minutes to 'ibizzzaa 2k10 <3>

Then you have the shits who can't speak properly. 'Hi bbz i iz fyn 2dai. I dnt fink i cn cum out cos i hve hwk but afta tht cum my house n we cn eat sum f00d.' HAHAHAHA, I just feel sorry for these people. Fair enough slang is easy, but not stuff like 'fyn', where you might aswell spell out fine. It's fun to take the piss out of that. I like to.

Then you have the coolios who love to put emotion into shit. 'Heya i am so meh :/, like your just so sexy ;) ;) ;) ;). God i'm funny :P :P :P :P. Now i'm just confused :S :S :S :S.' Oh man please will you just shut yo mouf.

I feel so cringe but lately I can't be bothered and start saying things on chat to friends like hey how r u? Don't know why but I feel like i'm in year 7. It's just such a treck speaking properly- ah well.
Annz x

Facebook Stalkers

We know we're all guilty of it. Yes, facebook stalking is one of the joys of internet.
It's nice, but kind of depressing looking into peoples pages that are a billion times cooler than yours will EVER be, and the effortless pictures they put up of their non stop social lives. It's pretty cool exploring another persons world. It's a skill to stalk though- you have to look at peoples profiles, then find their myspace, then discover they're best friends with your favourite band, so you find the band members facebook- it's all a cycle. Sometimes I have the urge to add people I stalk on facebook and throw in the 'soz mutual friends' excuse, when really we have no friends in common.. After you start stalking it becomes a habit, to gain an insight to how other people live, kinda. Wow I sound freaky. Anna x


Hey. We decided to make a blog. Cause we got shit to say.
1. We're best friends. Some may say 'joined at the hip', we'll get into that later.
2. Most people don't get our humour
3. Most common words we use are, 'get out', 'nahnahnah', 'ewwww','fml', 'YIKES', 'pooch'
4. You can normally find us in High St.Ken, Covent Garden stalking workers in Rokit, And Acton
5. We get obssessed with people we haven't met- life's a bitch like that.
6. We hate fake people, be yourself, or go home.
7. People we don't like seem to not leave us alone, more in Nina's case.
8. Yeah that's about it...