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How To Be a London It Boy

Over this summer an average, middle class girl was graced with the company
of many ‘it’ boys around London. God knows how I stumbled into this. Rather than lapping up in all the ‘wild’ antics I designated myself the role of an ‘observer’, often comparing myself to Nick Carraway. Instead of writing a book I have written an insightful guide. Lol.

1.PM Wake up. Wake up and find empty Jack Daniels bottles and baggies of coke sprinkled around your room. Fuck. You’ll look longingly at your Bob Marley poster, placed next to the Eton Leavers photo Mummy left in your room and wish you were black. #jahbless.  The ‘help’ (Philipina nanny) shouts it’s time for breakfast. You're horrified that the bread isn’t gluten free so settle instead on a kale juice with a shot of whisky because you are in a band after all. Whilst getting wavy on this Petit Dejeuner you flick through ‘Just Kids’ by Patti Smith and think ‘Damn, I look like a young Maplethorpe’. 

3PM. Time for a chaotic day. Must dress to i…

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